Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

ISSN-print: 2313-478X
ISSN-online: 2411-3921
ISO: 26324:2012



N. Dzyuba
O. Bunyak


In recent years Ukraine has seen a growth in the consumption of cereal products. Wide demand from the population are rice, buckwheat, oat, corn cereals and derived cereal products, and grain products fast food or ready-to-eat (cereals, extruded cereals, expanded snacks, cereals, etc.). One of the most promising areas of research in the field of healthy nutrition is to develop products that have a multicomponent structure, including main raw materials and various nutrients, including to provide specified properties. The creation of such products is relevant, because due to the multi-component composition is achieved provide the
human body the important nutrients in required amount. The nutrition of a modern person includes a variety of products, including complex prescription composition, and determines the appearance and development of the direction - "design" of complex multicomponent food products with desired properties In the article, the authors developed the formulations of extruded multicomponent products. In developing the composition for the production of extruded corn products, considerable attention was paid to the nutrient composition of the raw material, its change during processing and balance. A study of the nutritional value of extrudates developed and manufactured in laboratory conditions was carried out. The formulation of extruded cereal products was optimized. To determine the optimal shelf life of the developed extrudates, microbiological studies were carried out and an organoleptic assessment of the quality of the obtained products was carried out.
When designing recipes, we used the linear programming method, which allowed us to obtain a product with high nutritional value, the necessary content of biologically active substances and good organoleptic properties. According to the research results, it is recommended that storage period up to 6 months at a temperature of (18 ± 20) оC and relative humidity not more than 75% in polypropylene package.

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Dzyuba, N., & Bunyak, O. (2019). DESIGN OF MULTICOMPONENT EXTRUDED FOOD PRODUCTS WITH SPECIFIED FEATURES. Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s, 19(3), 41-46.


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